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Flat Rate Mobile Processing: Benefits and Practical Application

Anyone who has ever tried selling something can tell you the importance of accepting credit cards. Whether you’re selling products at a trade show, delivering a product, or offering an on-site service, you don’t want to miss any sales opportunity just because you don’t accept credit cards. But you don’t have to buy expensive wireless terminals or bust your knuckles on manual credit card imprinters. With little more than your current cell phone and an inexpensive mobile credit card processing app, you can accept credit cards anywhere you are.

Here are some of the unique benefits of Flat Rate Mobile Processing:

  • Real-time validation and payment processing
  • Competitive per-transaction fees and low rates (both for keyed-in and swiped transactions)
  • Compatibility with a variety of merchant accounts and payment gateways
  • Easy online management and integration with accounting software
  • Additional features like GPS location reporting, signature capturing and email/text receipts

Whether you’re selling pizza delivery, in-home pet grooming, taxi rides, emergency plumbing or homemade quilts at a trade show, accepting credit cards on your phone is the best way to go.